Skating on ice

Ice skating is a popular leisure time activity and it is also very popular as a sport. There are several popular sports played on ice such as ice hockey, curling and synchronized skating. We also enjoy the immensely popular figure skating which is an Olympic sport consisting of either a single person or a pair performing spins, jumps and other challenging moves on ice. Since the popularity of these sports the sales of ice skates has increased enormously.

Ice skating is popular for all ages from toddlers to teenagers and adults alike. Ice skates are made up of boots with a blade attached to the bottom and you use this blade to propel yourself across the ice. Different types of ice skates are available for figure skating, ice hockey and other types of sport played on ice. Figure skates are a little narrower than hockey skates and taper at the toe. It is generally advised to buy ice skates that are a size larger than your shoe size and it is advisable to wear thick socks as unlike inline skates, ice skates don’t have an inner sock.

Selecting and buying your ice skates from a reputable store that can provide advice on fitting is advisable. A company such as Flywalk will be able to ensure the correct skates are selected. It is also advisable to purchase blade guards to prevent the need for frequent sharpening of your blades and also to enable you to walk around a skating rink without having to remove your boots.

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