Safety advice for people in their home

A person who lives on their own could have an unexpected accident and no one would be on hand to call for help. Some of the people living alone do have a nurse calling on them once a week, but this is not always the case.

Nurses and cares can be sent to a person’s home to care for them and to give them solid advice on how to prepare them for such emergency situations. The first thing they advise is to pin their doctor’s details or a family member’s name, address and telephone at the back of their kitchen or bedroom door. Other telephone numbers for gas, electric and water suppliers can be written on the same list in case of any emergency.

One avenue to explore is asking a couple of people to drop in daily as they are passing by. Ask if they would mind giving their telephone number to add to the emergency list. A person who requires a nursing home bed or a care bed lives on their own and you are worried about them you can ask if they would like further details on having a fitted community alarm in their home. This safety procedure will give peace of mind to both parties.

At Sidhil, we are completely committed to making life easier and less worrying for any one who requires one of our care beds or nursing home beds. All of our beds are designed to stop or avoid accidents in the home. We offer individual designs of beds to meet a person’s medical needs. Immobility sometimes can result in a person becoming frail or overweight. We are able to supply both care beds and hospital beds with side rails, and sides that can be tilted up and down. We also have beds which vary in height if required. Beds are a very important to everyone. This is especially the case for more mature people. Retirement should not be a time of anxiety and high quality beds an help us remain positive.

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