Accidents happen in a hospital

hen you are admitted to hospital there are safety guidelines for both relatives and patients that are essential to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Nursing and other hospital staffs are totally committed to promoting safety for everyone visiting hospitals.

In all hospitals and nursing homes all over the country, there are notices and posters strategically placed to give out safety advice. They are there as a reminder that accidents can also happen in a hospital.

The main concerns are spillages of liquids on a floor. It is important that visitors approach a member of staff and let them know the area concerned.

When visiting a patient in a ward, avoid leaving clutter or chairs which can be an obstacle that creates an accident. Watch out for any cables and wires which could become a safety hazard. If you notice a torn piece of floor covering while waiting in reception, please let the receptionist know of your findings. The receptionist will inform the hospital’s maintenance team.

At Sidhil, we have the best technology available to design and make hospital equipment to a specific requirement. This can include standard or high side breaks with either or both electrical controlled tilting platforms and height adjustments. Our hospital equipment is designed for patients and nursing staff with health and safety in mind.

Our stock of nursing home beds, care home beds are a far cry from the designs of beds years ago. The beds we provide have a patient’s comfort and well being in mind. We are proud of our hospital equipment that we supply to hospitals knowing they are able to prevent further falls and injuries to patients who are ill.

To avoid the accumulation of bacteria such as salmonella, MRSA and other cross infections, we make use of new technology by coating a layer of BioCote on all our beds.

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