Same day STD test results with a walk-in private clinic

There is apparently a growing public demand for the provision of a local private STD clinic able to provide anonymous STD and HIV tests without the requirement of pre-booking or the necessity of waiting for an appointment.

A private STD clinic provide medical staff that is specifically trained in this side of a person’s health who are the best and fastest medical professionals who can help as soon as you need it. For an STD test, a sample of blood is taken from the patient and screened for HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis B. There is an additional need for either a urine or swab test which will enable to doctor to check for other STDs including Chlamydia. Finally, a quick and simple visual examination will allow a doctor to check for viruses such as genital warts.

These days, an HIV test is one that can be conducted right away and can provide an accurate instant result. This type of test is known as ‘INSTi HIV Test’ which provides results in less than one minute.

Having the facility to walk into a private STD clinic without booking an appointment, remaining anonymous and getting immediate results is convenient. It is important to address your concerns by having swift STD tests and the whole process can literally take less than an hour of your time.

We provide a private clinic at Sameday Doctor which is serviced by highly specialised medical staff who will see any member of the general public that walks through the door without an appointment. Our private clinic means that results for STD tests can be obtained in the fastest time possible and we have male and female staff to make you feel at ease. At our private clinic we provide advice, important STD test results, examinations and consultations for anyone that needs medical help with STD infections quickly.

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