Sanding wood floors can refresh any room or building

There are not many things in the sphere of interior design that are more attractive than a wooden floor. The look may come and go in fashion terms, but it remains as attractive as ever to discerning eyes. It is also the case that just because a beautiful wooden floor is looking a little tired and worn out doesn’t mean that it needs replacing.

You may think that fitting new flooring will replenish the vibrancy and improve the ambience of the room or offices but before doing so, consider the options.

Have you given any thought to seeking professional advice to see whether floor sanding can do the job just as well? By retaining the existing floor, you will maintain the authenticity of the room. It will take less time and involve less mess. Even with the laying of a new wooden floor, it is likely that it will need to be sanded to give it that professional, finished look.

Floor sanding is most definitely something that can be done by an individual with the right machinery. But knowing just what machinery and how much sanding is required to ensure you get an even finish across the entire floor takes a keen eye and experience.

For the past twenty years, residents and businesses located in and around the M25 looking to restore the past beauty of their original wooden floors have been seeking the services of us, The Floor Sanding Experts. We are members of the Wood Flooring Association.

Sanding wood floors is our speciality.We simply do it day in, day out, for customers ranging from the homeowner looking to give their apartment a nice, refreshing appearance, to the property developer looking to replenish a wooden floor before the house or commercial premises are released for sale or rent.

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