Student homes available across every area of the UK

When you have finally received your examination results and realised that all the hard work has finally paid off, you will be turning your attention to university and finding student accommodation so you can continue your studies.

Many universities do have student accommodation on their sites within university campus areas, but it is really hard to get because it fills almost immediately and at best this kind of eagerly sought student accommodation is very limited.

Statistically, there are more than 70% of UK students either opting to stay at home and go to their local university or one that is close by. Many other students are choosing their university for its academic reputation and courses rather than ease of accommodation, which means that they are mainly moving in private student property.

Student property is very difficult to find particularly close to the university because obviously demand is especially high and these are the first properties to go.

In times gone by, it would take some serious phone work whilst you sifted through a telephone directory looking for letting agents and local university landlords. This method of finding student accommodation is not only restrictive because the number of options are low, but it is also time consuming and really frustrating.

We at House Hustler were all once students who went through exactly the same headaches when we were searching for our student accommodation and therefore we know exactly what you are going through. This is one of the reasons why we have founded House Hustler as a great service which will help find good student accommodation for reasonable prices- no matter what university you are going to.

For tips, information and help, we are also full of information and handy tips on the pitfalls of finding the right student accommodation for you.

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