Security in a new home

Moving home is a very exciting yet stressful time in anybody’s life. When we move into a new home we want to get it as safe and secure as we can and make it feel like our family home as soon as we can.There are a few things you can do when moving to a new home to reinforce safety and security within the house. You will no doubt have checked window and door security prior to moving in; however it is worth just going around and checking the locks on all windows. The previous owners may have aired the house to clean it so windows may not always be securely fastened.

A lot of people do choose to change their door locks when they move into a new home.Whilst this is not always necessary, if you know your house has had a few previous owners over the years then it is worth considering as you never know who may have keys.The garden is an area which is often neglected when thinking about security. You should double check fences or walls and locate any gaps where people or even animals can get in. This is not just for safety but also to help maintain the quality of your outdoor space.

All homes should be fitted with fully working fire alarms, however checking the fire alarms should be one of the first things you do. Most fire alarm systems are easy to operate and the battery can be checked simply.If your new home does not have working fire alarms, or you feel the fire safety could be a little stronger, then do not be afraid to add extra fire alarms or replace existing ones. At Discount Fire Supplies we have a range of fire alarm systems to fit all needs, so better to be safe rather than sorry.

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