OsCommerce and the online shopping web hosting solution

As the public desire for internet shopping grows, increasing numbers of web hosting companies are offering their services to ecommerce entrepreneurs that want to satisfy this growing demand and reap the benefits of trading over the internet.

With this growing demand comes an expectation from the customer for problem free shopping where the buying process flows effortlessly between finding and choosing the item they want, placing it in the shopping cart, paying for the item securely and then receiving it a few days later. For the ecommerce entrepreneur therefore, certain decisions have to be made as to the extent and quality of service they need to provide through their website to keep this process flowing smoothly and to keep their customers happy.

To set up a powerful online store, certain decisions will need to be taken on the level of web hosting that is required and the extent of ecommerce features to employ. OsCommerce Shopping Cart for example provides a comprehensive beginning to end feature for a catalogue website. Customers choose what they want, and through the administrative back end which deals with the handling of goods, customer orders, queries and all store data, the orders can be processed.

This powerful ecommerce solution allows online entrepreneurs to set up and run an online store with very little effort but also allows for thousands of add-ons to facilitate customisation to give their website the marketing edge. These can include sales statistics for customers, multilingual and currency support, direct customer contact via email and invoice printing facilities. Front end add-ons and services include individual customer histories and accounting, secure transactions and breadcrumb trails for easy navigation.

We at Heart Internet provide a selection of web hosting features and services including OsCommerce for the online store entrepreneur and are happy to provide add-on advice to enable them to provide the best personal service for their online shopping customers.

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