Seek specialist help early in serious crime cases

If you have been charged with a serious legal offence, the support of a specialist in criminal law is essential in making sure you receive the very best representation when your case eventually goes to trial.

Crimes that are deemed as serious include murder, drug trafficking, robbery and sexual offences. Due to the nature of these accusations, your case will be tried before the crown court.

Criminal law is complex as each case is different; your trial will examine the circumstances and evidence in great detail to determine whether you can be deemed guilty of that offence. A jury must believe beyond reasonable doubt that you have committed that crime in order for you to receive punishment.

If you have been accused of a serious offence, it is important that you consult specialist criminal solicitors as soon as possible, as the earlier you work with them in your case the stronger your defence will be. A solicitor’s firm with expertise in criminal law will comb through the scientific and circumstantial evidence surrounding your case in an attempt to highlight flaws in the case of the prosecution.

In order to receive the best defence, it is important that you consult a firm with a proven track record in winning serious crime cases. A firm such as Carter Moore, which successfully appealed for the retrial of Barry George for the murder of Jill Dando, will have extensive experience in dealing with alleged offences such as yours and so you will stand the greatest chance of receiving high standard legal support. We have the experience and the expertise to help you when you are accused of something very serious. We also know how to be very sensitive when exploring difficult personal issues. It is the combination of our talents which mean that we offer a service which is superior to that provided by many of our competitors.

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