Shine like a star

Everybody would love to have that little bit of star quality and as we scour fashion and gossip magazines looking at what our icons are wearing we can get ideas as to what brings out the true class and style in a person.

Achieving a true dazzling style is not about being too obvious, but more about the subtle additions to your look and the detail. Anything that is too over the top may look a little cheap and desperate, no matter how much it actually cost.When choosing clothing to wear it is a good idea to have one or two key items in your wardrobe which can be dressed up and down as and when necessary. Items which can be mixed and match and enable you to transform a day look into an evening look with little effort are an essential part of a star’s wardrobe.

Accessorising is also crucial and having one or two items of special jewellery works better than a lot of standard jewellery items. An over sized ring or necklace on a simple outfit can add some bling without being too over the top.Practical accessories can also make a huge difference to your style. Hats and scarves in particular not only serve a purpose but they look super stylish and are ideal for adding a splash of colour if and when you need it.

One of the best items for showing off your style is your choice in watches. At Rox you can buy Gucci watches which will complement any outfit and really bring out your star style. When you do go to buy Gucci watches do not worry if you are not blessed with the pay packet of a celebrity as we offer cheap Gucci watches for anybody to purchase, as we all deserve to shine once in a while.

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