The key to successful outdoor entertaining

Being outdoors is great and nothing feels as good as relaxing in a garden or outdoor area of a bar, hotel or restaurant. Mingling with family and friends, enjoying a chilled glass of wine and eating delicious food, this is what life is all about.

If you are hosting an outdoor event then you need to do some careful planning to ensure it all runs smoothly. Food, drink and entertainment form the main bulk of any event so consider that your guests will be outdoors when this is taking place.If you are lucky enough to have the facility to keep things hot then you can go all out and have a warm buffet or some hot food options. If you are running an event at home then the chances are that you will not have this facility so stick with more basic options.

A buffet is always a good idea and goes down well with most people. Another food alternative is obviously a barbeque, which is great for the men to show off their skills and a good all round popular option. Always be careful where a barbeque is placed to avoid and fires or other hazards.

If you are having entertainment then you should consider a solid base such as a patio area or a temporary stage. If somebody is entertaining within the group of guests then restrict them to specific times and try to avoid putting entertainment on when people are eating if it is to be the main entertainment.

For any outdoor event, we need to prepare for the British weather and for this reason marquee hire is crucial. At Premier Event Marquees our marquee hire service is perfect for holding your own event. When you choose a marquee hire service you protect your guests, your facilities and your home which results in an occasion to be proud of.

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