Show your support

For football fans across the globe, there’s not much that we wouldn’t do to show our support for our favourite football team. We pay hundreds of pounds for a season ticket, travel thousands of miles up and down the country to support them week in and week out, and some of us are even dedicated enough to tattoo our team’s emblem onto our bodies.

Some may say it’s a little obsessive, for a true fan though it’s just about showing support and getting behind the team we so passionately follow.

For those of us who don’t have the means or bravery required for a tattoo, there are simpler ways we can show our support to our beloved football team. Personalised number plates available from Platinum Plates are the perfect way to do this.

Imagine if you were a Chelsea fan, a number plate with CFC (Chelsea Football Club) would be the perfect way to show support. Arsenal fans could go with the number plate “AFC 3”. West Ham United fans would be the envy of their fellow supporters with the number plate “M2 WHU”. Tottenham fans could even have a plate starting with “TOT”.

The amount of choice in private number plates that show your support for your football team really is immense.

If this sounds appealing then Platinum Plates is definitely the place to look. We have an easy to use search facility that allows you to search by any letters you choose. You could pick the initials of maybe even just the first few letters of your team’s name; there are always plenty of options and at a range of prices to suit anyone’s budget.

Imagine driving to the match day in your car sporting your team’s name on personalised number plates. It’s not just the players themselves that can afford to do this!

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