The perfect gift

In the world of cut throat business which we live in, advertising has never been so important. With the credit crunch, recession and resulting redundancies, money for advertising is sometimes an expendable luxury.

Advertising can cost a lot of money, as such, businesses need to think of clever ways to advertise without breaking the bank. But this leads to the catch 22 situation, if a business cuts its advertising due to the recession then the business is not going to be able to advertise itself and attract new business. Reducing advertising during a recession won’t help you keep your business ticking over.

There needs to be some sort of clever way to continually advertise a business, without incurring new costs.

One novel way to do this would be through the use of personalised number plates. This may seem far fetched but it does make sense. For example, say you worked for a company called “Pizza Delivery Company” or PDC as it would hopefully become known. If this was the case, you could have all your delivery cars fitted with number plates that contained the initials “PDC”.

Most modern number plates also have a little writing underneath the main letters (generally the garage name of where the car is from) but there is nothing to stop you having the number plates printed with “Pizza Delivery Company” underneath your main “PDC” registration number.

Having all of your cars using the same prefix on their number plates is a great way of enforcing your brand identity and ensuring that anyone who sees your cars on the roads recognises your brand.

Any business that likes the sound of number plate advertising really should contact Platinum Plates. We provide a huge range of number plates with a search facility that allows you to find number plates with the initials of your business.

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