Sorting out a nanny

ou know that you are going to have to find a nanny in time for going back to work, but it is difficult to make yourself face this until you really have to. Once you reach that point, the task can seem almost insurmountable. Unless you are in the lucky position of knowing a nanny by personal recommendation, you are going to have to find a nanny who is a stranger to you and your child.

After your time of being a full time parent it feels a wrench to think of giving up the care of your small child to someone else, however good they may be. In order not to become overwhelmed by the enormity of coping both with the emotional side and the practicalities of trying to find a nanny it is a good idea to start planning for this as far in advance as possible.

If you have already done some of the basic groundwork by checking out Nannywage Ltd, you know how to find a nanny and something about the employment and financial side of nanny jobs then you will be in a much better position when you start looking properly.

At this stage, it is a good idea to write out the hours for which you will need a nanny and what work you will want them to do, so you can keep it clear in your mind. It is essential to have these things agreed from the start between you and your nanny or you will be storing up certain trouble for the future.

You will eventually need to decide on your nanny as it is vitally important that you and your nanny like and trust each other, but if you have sorted out the ground rules first then you will know that the right questions have been asked.

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