The right nanny for your child

When you need to find a nanny, you are looking for someone who will fit in with your family. It is important that you and they can get on well and like each other as you will not want to leave your child with someone you don’t like.

This means that when you set out to find a nanny, you will have a number of questions to ask the people who are looking for nanny jobs. You will want to know some basics, such as what are their qualifications and what experience do they have of looking after children. Some quite young people may have more experience than you would expect, for example, if they have regularly been responsible for younger siblings or have worked in summer camps and play schemes.

Beyond these basic requirements, you need to know that once you have found your nanny, the household and family will run comfortably. While you are still in the process of looking, find out about the nanny’s interests and see if you and they have any common pursuits, such as sport or theatre.

Even if they are passionately keen on something to which you are totally indifferent, this need not be a bad thing as it will open up a whole new world to your son or daughter that they otherwise would never have known about.

On the other hand, if your children have a fervent desire to go horse riding every week, you probably do not want a nanny who is so nervous of horses that she discourages them from going.

While you are still at the find a nanny stage is the time to sort out these out all these details about the nanny as a person and Nannywage Ltd can help with all the formalities about tax and national insurance so you will have no worries.

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