Stay safe whilst skating

Skating is a pastime that all ages and abilities will love and be able to benefit from. You can participate with friends or make it into a family activity that will help you build a closer relationship whilst sharing fun and fitness. However, you can also receive some nasty injuries whilst skating and you should always wear the necessary protection to avoid serious injury.

A reputable store that specialises in skating, such as us at Flywalk, will be able to advise you on the level of protection required. If you have a child who is a beginner, and therefore not very steady on his feet, he will be thankful when you have provided knee and elbow pads. Wearing a safety helmet is essential for all ages as all types of skating such as roller skating, ice skating or rollerblades can result in falls which may cause serious injury, especially to the head.

Safety in any sport has to be taken seriously but that doesn’t stop the fun. Roller skating is extremely good fun and you will build up muscle fitness and stamina but protecting your main joints is a good idea to prevent injury.

Whilst you are selecting roller skates or inline skates you could also spend time browsing amongst the protective safety wear selection and seek advice on the essential protection such as helmets and padding. Wearing the protective gear from the very first time you put on your skates and go roller skating may just save you from a nasty injury.

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