Take your STD test in private at a same day walk-in clinic

When you require an urgent STD test it is possible to go to a walk-in clinic and see a private doctor quickly and without revealing your true identity.

Generally speaking a full STD test will include you providing a sample of blood to be tested and screened for syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis B. A swab or urine test will help determine whether a person has contracted a number of other STDs including a Chlamydia test. A quick examination will enable a doctor to check for genital warts and any other general health issues regarding STDs.

There are various ways of conducting an HIV test which involves a range of techniques. An HIV test will normally provide an instant result due to the latest HIV test in the market ‘INSTi HIV Test’ using this test means that results are available within one minute. Alternatively, the ‘Proviral DNA HIV Test’ is one that will be used 10 to 14 days after potential HIV contact and the ‘DUO HIV Test’ is one that is conducted around 28 days after suspected HIV contact.

When you can use a walk-in private clinic, it is probably the most convenient way of dealing with suspected infection.

At Same Day Doctor we provide a private doctor at a clinic you can walk into without pre-booking an appointment and once you have had your STD test any results you need to wait for can be obtained either over the telephone or in person. Our friendly medical team means that you have a choice of both male and female private doctors to make you feel a little more relaxed in the difficult circumstances.

We are able to provide consultation and advice on a huge range of medical problems and issues which include: the STD test, Chlamydia test, HIV test and much more.

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