Testing for HIV

HIV which leads to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) became an International concern in the 1980s when it became known that many people were contracting the disease that lead to their deaths. At first HIV was thought to only be contracted by homosexuals and drug users but was later found to affect non drug users, heterosexual women and children. As the disease had touched all countries and the deaths were rising, many countries sought to raise awareness of AIDS giving advice on the prevention of the disease.

With the development of drugs to treat HIV the death rates from AIDS reduced with millions of people living with HIV, some receiving medication. We are all at risk of Contracting HIV but the subject is still largely controversial with many people seeing it as a taboo subject.

The tests for HIV can take many weeks or months to produce results, which is extremely stressful. There are some HIV tests available for early detection of the disease but are not always available on the National Health Service. Going to our local General Practitioner can sometimes be difficult as the subject is so controversial, even though the doctors are familiar with all aspects of sexual health many people still find it impossible to go to their local GP.

A private clinic can sometimes be the answer, allowing you to receive testing often on the same day without giving your personal details. Many private healthcare organisations such as us here at SameDayDoctor offer an HIV test that can give instant results. Our doctors are able to advise the length of time between potential contact and testing as well as the type of HIV test which is suitable. We also offer support both before and after testing to help you deal with possible issues. Our service is completely anonymous and our only concern is your health.

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