The advantages of a same day doctor

There are many instances where a person would require the services of a same day clinic and probably the highest occurrence would be to have a sexual health check. The number of people requiring a STD test or a Chlamydia test has risen dramatically even though there is more advice being given regarding the practice of safe sex. A large number of people have sexual encounters while under the influence of drink or drugs which makes them careless, leaving them with the worry of any disease they may have caught.

With the rate of sexually transmitted diseases on the increase, there are higher numbers of people asking for tests for different diseases such as HIV. Many people are embarrassed to go their local General Practitioner for many reasons. Maybe he or she is a family doctor that has known that person all their life or may know the persons parents or other members of the family. Even though all information is kept in confidence there is a great taboo over the subject of sex and sexual health isn’t easy to discuss with anyone.

A private doctor with a same day service can reassure you with advice as well as carry out any tests that are required. All this may be carried out by many doctors with total anonymity which makes it much easier for many people to be honest and receive a full assessment of their sexual health.

Here at SameDayDoctor we have many doctors both male and female as well as specialist nurses who are able to carry out consultations and tests on the same day that you telephone. Where this isn’t possible, we will see you within twenty four hours of your phone call. We have several clinics which are located around the United Kingdom for your convenience.

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