The anxieties of university – why the right student accommodation is important

University is a time of opportunity and learning – much of which takes place outside of the lecture theatre – but it can also be a time of great anxiety.

For many young people, this is the first time that they have lived away from the family home and are separated from childhood friends. It is also, despite popular belief, a substantial intellectual challenge making the leap to university from A ‘level studies, with far less support and structure available than students might be used to.

Making friends does not come easily to everyone, and this can also contribute to stress and anxiety. Add to this the preponderance of alcohol and drugs, and you have a complex mix which can lend itself to unhappiness during the time in a young person’s life which should be one of the most enjoyable.

This is why the choice of student accommodation is so important. The first year spent in halls provides a level of security that can keep people feeling grounded and secure, but in the second and third year people are encouraged to find independent student property.

It is vital that students choose wisely both their choice of housemates and their choice of student homes. If you are more introverted, then consider a smaller house share – perhaps a large eight bedroom house won’t really suit your character or lifestyle. While if you have a big group of friends then sharing the same spacious student homes will be a fun and sociable experience.

Your choice of housemates may feel natural – they are the people you spend most of your time with and you enjoy their company. But you should also consider your compatibility – are you similar in your approaches to studying and partying? What are your thoughts, and theirs, on drugs? Do you think your housemates will be fair, and do their bit when it comes to buying communal things for the house or will you be the one always buying the bread?

Living in student accommodation with new-found friends is a great wonderful challenge, and may be the start of friendships that you will keep for life.

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