The Beauty of White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings look very similar to their platinum counterparts, yet cost a fraction of the price. White gold is essentially an alloy of yellow gold mixed with white metals like palladium or silver, making it much stronger than yellow gold. Previously, nickel was used to produce white gold, but as many people were found to have bad skin reactions to this metal, nickel is no longer used in white gold engagement rings.

White gold rings are finally coated with the white metal rhodium, giving them their final colour and making them more hard-wearing. You should repeat this process every two years or so to keep the ring looking its best. Most jewellers provide this service.

As a general rule of thumb, if you go for a ring with 18carats, that would generally indicate that it consisted of 75% gold while the rest was white metals.

It’s true that white gold needs a little more looking after than platinum, but not much. With very little care , you can keep white gold engagement rings looking new for years.

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