Diamonds Still Cut It for Engagement and Wedding Rings

As a symbol of the strength and enduring nature of a relationship, diamonds are still a hugely popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.

And they should not be considered the sole preserve of the rich and famous! In recent years particularly, and with the advent of the Internet, these jewels have come within just about anyone’s price range.

Of course, with something so valuable and significant, you want to keep it looking its best. The brilliance of the diamond is in its shine but dust, oil from your skin and other substances can reduce the stone’s glow. Use soapy water from time to time and let it air-dry polish it using a soft fabric. If the diamond has gathered dust, brush it with a worn, soft-bristle toothbrush occasionally, to remove dirt from between the crevices and retain the sparkle. If stains are more stubborn, use a weak ammonia solution diluted with four-fifths water and brush the diamond applying a soft brush.

You can also get professional help with steam or ultrasound cleaning. Equally, make sure when buying diamonds that the settings are secure and the gemstones will be held firmly in place

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