The return of the bean bag

Beanbags as pieces of cheap, funky furniture, have always been a bit of a fun item in any room; not always exactly suitable for grandparents to sit on, but popular with younger people, students and, of course, the kids.

The beanbag is a bit of fun from the 1960s. It was made in all sorts of designs and colours and filled with kidney (originally coffee) beans, PVC pellets and Styrofoam. The 60s versions were always a little bit uncomfortable and once you had plonked yourself into the middle of the thing, they had a habit of parting around you and left you more or less sitting on the floor. The material wasn’t always very durable either, which meant that after a year or so, weaknesses began to appear and eventually they began to leak.

Inevitably, now the beanbag has become very much more 21st century, and is even being heralded as some form of therapeutic exercise (known as Physics bags). They are also reasonably easy to make. So you can choose your material to make your beanbag that will match in with your curtains and décor, and you can make it as large or small as you want, and beanbag manufacturers are always very happy to supply you with the contents for your customised beanbag.

So whatever type of consumer you are, the beanbag is still very much for you. Colours these days are a bit more muted than the 1960s, but companies like Cozibag ensure that their materials are good quality and a lot more durable than the earlier versions.

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