Who put the beans in beanbags?

When you think about it, sacks of coffee beans as the forerunner of the bean bag as something to relax on after a long hard day picking coffee seems a fitting origin for a piece of furniture whose popularity has extended over many decades. These days, of course, they use other fillers such as PVC pellets and Styrofoam which perhaps isn’t as exotic as the coffee bean, but it is probably more hygienic and still does a great job.

The bean bag has departed from the cheaper end of the market. Nowadays, these organic chairs that fit snugly into every part of your body as you sink down into them, are made of soft leathers, suedes, the more washable faux leather varieties, or of course any material and colour that you want. Who wants to spend thousands of pounds on expensive lounge furniture, when you can surround your room with comfyness in the form of lots of bean bags for your friends to lounge on?

It’s the familiar crunch and informality as you sink down and roll around until you feel completely comfortable that makes the bean bag brilliant. Placed near a radiator, the whole thing absorbs the warmth which then soaks into you. They are also lightweight and can be moved around your seating area at will. No more pushing around heavy furniture, these can just be casually shifted around the room.

So the next time you feel tempted to buy an expensive three piece suite, you could consider using an innovative company like Cozibag and buy half a dozen bean bags instead!

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