There are a host of advantages to buying any product online. A high street jewellery

There are a host of advantages to buying any product online. A high street jewellery shop with a broad range of engagement rings might have a couple of dozen on display. Visiting two or three shops means you get to see a hundred or so, but you can’t see them together, can’t compare one range against another or look at two apparently similar rings with two different prices at the same time.

An engagement ring absolutely must be personal, and you should know your fiancée-to-be better than anyone, so you should be able to choose the perfect engagement ring for her. To find it you will need to look through a lot of different rings, and by far the easiest place to do that is the internet. The online marketplace is also fiercely competitive, so it’s easy to get a good price.

However, make absolutely sure the jewellery company you deal with is reputable. An engagement ring is a big investment both emotionally and financially, maybe even the biggest of your life so far, so it’s important to protect the transaction. Choose a supplier with a substantial history of trading either online or from physical retail premises. The latter is best if possible, but at the very least make sure they are contactable off the internet. Make sure the payment method is secure and uses a service you recognise. Read the returns policy in detail.

The internet is a great place to research, too. It is well worth the time it takes to find out about carats, types of diamond cut, and what jewellers mean by clarity and colour. This information will help you find exactly the right engagement ring.

The better online jewellery companies, some of whom specialise in wedding and engagement rings, will also let you customise some designs by changing the carat of the metal, the size, the type of stone, and even the material. Gold engagement rings are no longer the only choice. Platinum or white gold are becoming more popular, and might be just the thing for your special person.

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