What is an eternity ring, and what does it say?

Despite what’s said in the vows- even though they are said in complete earnest at the time- a lot of weddings don’t last. It is deeply sad when partnerships break up, for all concerned, but it also reminds everyone that a marriage is an ongoing commitment that does not necessarily become easy with time, but requires constant effort from both parties. The wonderful thing that the new husband and wife begin to build has to be maintained over the years. It may have to stand up to changes in fortunes, illnesses, everyday arguments and even tragedies.

An eternity ring is a symbol of enduring love, after a year of marriage or ten or fifty years, or just because the time has come to make a statement. They are given as a gift of thanks for years of love and care and humour and patience. And, now more than ever, eternity rings are a joyful symbol of victory over adversity and a celebration of the achievement that is a lasting marriage.

Choosing one, to mark an anniversary or not, takes thought. Just like engagement and wedding rings, eternity rings are a significant gift and represent a significant investment. They should match or compliment the wedding ring, especially in material. White gold eternity rings are the best choices to go with white gold wedding rings, for example. Because they normally sit right up next to one another, the two rings need to mesh together neatly. This is important if the wedding ring has a large stone or cluster that might not let the two mesh exactly unless some care is taken.

Diamond eternity rings are popular, not only to go with diamond wedding rings, but also to boldly state that every day of marriage is just as important as the first and that the love and commitment of that day are undiminished.

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