Thinking About a Custom Engagement Ring?

If you want a ring to symbolise your engagement and, after traipsing round the shops or looking online everything looks the same, it could be time to think about a custom engagement ring.

If that’s the route you decide to go down for your ring, there are several things you should bear in mind. Be clear on what you want the ring to ‘say’, and what you want it to look like. Do you want it to have any particular cultural significance, for example? You could take inspiration from just about anywhere!

You can end up paying more for a custom engagement ring than a shop-bought one, so have a budget and stick to it.

Allow yourself plenty of time for your designer to do a good job, and go to a designer able to guarantee the quality of their work.

Finally, bear in mind that any ring is going to have to complement the wedding ring which will sit alongside it from the big day onwards.

The Marlow family has been trading in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter for more than three generations, and now this family firm’s online arm has opened up the business to customers from across the UK and beyond.

We guarantee complete security of payment online, and some truly spectacular deals on all kinds of diamond engagement rings, including custom-made ones. Thanks to us, your girlfriend could have the ring of dreams at prices you may not have thought possible.

Customise one of the rings we have already designed, with prices starting from just £530, or create your own by visiting the ‘Design your own ring’ section of our site.

See our website today, or call one of our customer support staff to talk about the perfect custom engagement ring to seal your lifetime commitment.

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