Wedding rings for men

Traditionally, the wedding ring was brought for the bride to be by the groom as a token of love. Often the most expensive thing the young man had ever bought, fine diamond and gold wedding rings were also bought to symbolise his ability to provide financially for a wife and family.

As such they were, and often still are, much scrutinised by the bride’s friends and family and the quality of the ring is still seen as a strong sign of the quality of the man. Rather than the carat of the gold and the size of the diamond, style and beauty are the new markers of quality in women’s wedding rings, but the standard is still tremendously socially important.

But gender roles have shifted, and family income is now much more likely to come from both sides of the marriage partnership. Men’s wedding rings have become a little more ornate and a little more interesting, and what is more, it may not be a hopeful groom that goes down on one knee, opens a velvet box, and pops the big question. As gender equality gets closer and wedding traditions change, a much wider choice of men’s wedding bands is becoming available.

Changes aren’t necessarily huge, in fact they are usually quite subtle. There are unlikely to be a huge cluster of diamonds on a men’s wedding ring, although smaller stones are making an appearance. A gold wedding ring for a man may still be a simple gold band, and they have a certain undeniable elegance, but perhaps a bevelled edge might be introduced to give a particular shine, or it might be shaped in a chunky, square, modern style. Gold may not even be the material of choice- platinum and other metals are becoming much more popular.

The shift in ring fashions is nothing but positive. Now couples can choose rings that suit them both, be they traditional styles or something a little different. The wonderful significance of the wedding rings is undiminished.

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