Top tips for choosing fancy dress outfits

Love them or hate them, fancy dress parties have been around since the Victorian days and they aren’t going to go away. Most people love dressing up, particularly if it is a retro fancy dress party and it means revisiting their favourite era and dancing to their favourite tunes.

Other people find it hard to get into the swing of things, and most of the time this is because they simply don’t know what to wear! Follow these tips and you can be assured that fancy dress can be fun.

1. Follow the theme. There is nothing worse than getting the theme of a fancy dress party wrong and showing up in the wrong fancy dress outfit. If the theme is a bit vague, check with a friend or the host.
2. Don’t leave it until the last minute to get a fancy dress outfit. Whether you are buying or hiring a fancy dress outfit, do so with plenty of time in advance especially if it is Halloween or Christmas.
3. Stick to your budget. There are so many places that offer hiring of fancy dress outfits that unless you are really devoted to fancy dress parties, you should consider hiring your outfit. This is one way to get a better quality fancy dress outfit. Take a look at for a wide range of outfits and advice if you need it.
4. Accessorise! One way to avoid looking like everyone else (especially if the theme is one that has been done many times before or is a bit narrow in scope) is to make your outfit unique with accessories. Think about what you can do with your hair and make-up and what jewellery you can wear to complement your fancy dress outfit.
5. Make sure you are comfortable. It is a party, so you will want to dance and relax. Wearing a fancy dress outfit that you feel physically uncomfortable in because it is to small/tight/hot/barely might stop you from enjoying yourself.
6. Have fun!

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