Types of Summer Houses

Summer houses are becoming an increasingly popular feature in British gardens. Whether used as a luxury shed, reading retreat or garden office, they are a versatile option for any garden. There are typically three types of summer houses available in the UK:

Interlocking Cabin Style Summer Houses
The most popular option. Tongue and groove wooden boards interlock at the corners to form a log cabin, usually with a traditional pitched roof. These cabins are softwood so must be painted or varnished regularly to protect the timber. It is assembled just by locking it together and then inserting a few metal fixings for the roof and floors, and can be done over a couple of days.

Modular Summer Houses
These garden buildings can be like mini-houses, with external cladding, insulated walls and plasterboard interiors. They are very effective at retaining heat and will also stay nice and cool in the summer. Doors and windows are usually double-glazed, and electric points are fitted to the walls so there are no unsightly cables. With shallow pitched roofs and floor to ceiling glazing, these summer houses will suit any house or dwelling. Prices start at around £5,000 for a modular summer house.

Timber-Frame Summer Houses
These buildings are more suited to period properties with large gardens. Timber-frame summer houses can have a traditional oak frame with reclaimed tiles or even a thatched roof. Oak buildings need less weather treatment than softwoods; however, the time needed to construct this building will be substantially more than the couple of days needed for interlocking or modular summer houses. For a stunning building which can match any property exactly, expect to pay at least £20,000, although that should include a 10-year guarantee.

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