Uses for Summer Houses

Summer houses are versatile wooden garden buildings which can be great sources of escape. Some activities, whether for work or leisure, are much better suited to a room away from the rest of the house, and this is where summer houses can provide many options. There are numerous ways in which summer houses can be adapted to suit the needs of any household:

Having a good workout outdoors away from any distractions is fantastic. However, the floor of the summer house needs to be checked beforehand in order to make sure it is strong enough to accommodate heavy weights and fitness equipment.

Art Studio or Hobby Room
Art studios require lots of natural light; so ideally, if a garden is large enough the summer house can be erected facing south. Any hobby that uses tools or needs lots of storage space is also perfectly catered for.

Garden Office
If working from home, a physical division between work life and the home makes it much easier to get into a work state of mind. Commuting time is saved, spare rooms needn’t be converted, and some of the building costs could even be claimed against tax.

Music Room or Home Cinema
Summer houses are a great option for a music room or home cinema, but make sure the walls are insulated well and that the windows are triple glazed to insulate any noise.

Playroom/ Den
A private den, away from the house can be ideal. Whether as a playroom for children or as a hideaway for teenagers, a summer house can offer some much needed respite. Of course, it needs to be well insulated if it is going to be used all year round.

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