Visiting relatives

One of the pleasures of this time of year is going to stay with relatives in other parts of the country, whom you may not see that often. Part of the excitement of preparing for Christmas is the planning and packing of everything you need to take with you to make the season go with a swing, from presents to essentials.

While you are writing your lists of presents to take for everyone and clothes for everyday wear and party time wear, you will need to make sure that you take enough toys to keep you children entertained while you are away. As well as all the extra clothes in case of accidents and favourite foods in case they become faddy, your child’s toys are another must.

Small children can become quite cranky when they are away from home as they can easily become over excited and they are out of their usual routine. Taking some of their familiar wooden toys from My Natural Wooden Toys with you so that they can play with them at your host’s home will help to avoid boredom and temper tantrums. Your relatives will enjoy the opportunity to play with your little one with their wooden toys.

All the activities that you know so well will be new and interesting to your relatives so your small child will have no difficulty in finding someone to join in with them playing with their pull toys or their wooden puzzles.Maybe active aunts and uncles could play running games with the pull toys to keep your toddler active and use up their energy, while perhaps Grandma and Grandpa will help them to complete their wooden puzzles and encourage them when they find it difficult.

Your toddler’s wooden toys will complete the party as everyone takes part in amusing your little one and grizzles and tantrums will be banished for the visit.

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