Breaking the ice with wooden toys

Small children love wooden toys for their solidity and smoothness. They love the opportunity that wooden toys give them to use their imaginations and make up stories around their wooden dogs or cats or even trains. Any children you look after, whether they are your own or children for whom you care as a childminder or who are living with you if you are a foster carer will benefit from and enjoy having wooden toys to play with.

If you know that you will have small children coming to spend time with you, who may be feeling a bit unhappy or unsure about being in a new place then, along with lots of tender loving care, spending some time with them playing together with wooden toys could be a really reassuring experience for them.

Nothing is so good for children as the attention of an adult who cares about them, and by playing with the children in your care you are giving them all the right messages. Children learn confidence and to feel good about themselves and the world around them by spending time with you as you play together and the positive experience they have as they play with the wooden toys and make up stories and games with you will be part of the memories they lay down of their childhood.

Having a selection of wooden toys in your home such as you can find here at My Natural Wooden Toys may be an invaluable ice-breaker for you when you have a newly arrived child to look after. To bring out the wooden toys with funny faces or that walk and move will distract and absorb the child in a new activity and you will be able to watch them relax and start to feel happier as they enjoy playing with the wooden toys. In a world of rapid technological development, adults may be made comfortable by reassuring wooden toys.

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