What can an immigration solicitor do?

An immigration solicitor is a man or woman who specialises in the rules and laws of immigration and the issues that come with it. An immigration solicitor is able to assist people who may want to immigrate by themselves or with their families.

An immigration solicitor is also able to help with issues such as helping workers and students obtain visas, helping with the paperwork to move a business internationally and asylum applications. Prior to making an international relocation, it is extremely important to contact an immigration solicitor, as immigration is very complicated from a legal perspective.

An immigration solicitor usually prefers to see any clients prior to immigrating; this is so they can discuss your move to make it as easy and efficient as possible. Your immigration solicitor will help you apply for the correct residency permit, student visa and also get a UK work permit. If you are considering citizenship, then your immigration solicitor will be able to discuss your options with you.

An immigration solicitor is also able to help in certain times of crisis and other difficulties, such as when a student may be having difficulties in renewing their visa. An immigration solicitor will also be able to help people who have had charges made against them for overstaying in a country on their visa or if they have immigrated illegally.

Immigration solicitors will also help with asylum and refugee applications. If you have already moved into a country and wish to seek asylum, then you must contact an immigration solicitor.

Here at Danielle Cohen, we have extremely experienced immigration solicitors who can offer you help and support and give you general advice about immigration rules and laws. Immigration laws can be extremely confusing, especially for people who have never needed to know about immigration or who are unfamiliar with recent changes in immigration law.

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