Why You Should Buy Engagement Rings Together

It’s fantastic that you’ve met someone with whom you want to share a lifelong commitment. You’ve probably agonised over the marriage proposal and of course you’ll also be thinking about the ring.

There are several reasons why couples are increasingly buying engagement rings together, breaking with the tradition of the would-be groom whipping out a jewellery box as he popped the question.

One reason is that couples are making more joint decisions about everything from finances to childcare, so engagement rings are no exception. Secondly, the only way you can be totally sure of getting a ring you know your girlfriend will love is with her choosing it with you

The traditional engagement ring setting is a round cut, white diamond solitaire set into yellow gold or platinum with platinum prongs to keep it secure. But, of course, you don’t have to stick with tradition. For example, if you like the idea of a diamond solitaire but think that a round diamond is a bit conventional, why not choose a baguette, marquise or even a heart shaped diamond instead?

If you want a cluster ring, mix and match the diamond cuts within it. For a splash of colour, amethyst diamond rings make superb choices and there are other gemstones which make beautiful contemporary engagement rings when accented with diamonds.

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Whatever your dream ring looks like, with several of our products available for just £530, we have the perfect one for you. Just make sure you choose it together!

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