If you are a grandparent or an aunt or uncle who is babysitting for a small relative, you may wonder how you are going to keep them amused if the weather is not good enough to go out to the park to run off some of their energy.

Wooden puzzles are an enjoyable way of spending time with a child, whether they are pre-school age or older. You may find that buying some wooden toys and wooden puzzles to keep at your home for the times when your grandchild or niece or nephew is visiting could be a very good investment as you will have a supply of amusements for them. Children always love to play with toys that belong to someone else, so they will get much more pleasure from the toys you bring out of your cupboard than the toys they have brought with them.

Here at My Natural Wooden Toys we have wooden toys, wooden puzzles and traditional toys that you can choose so that you have them in for these occasions. There are brightly coloured wooden toys or toys with a natural wood finish. Whichever you choose, your young visitor will be delighted with the wooden toys and will want to spend time with you playing with the toys and working together on the wooden puzzles. You will find that you also really enjoy yourself playing with wooden toys that you may remember from your own childhood and that you are now sharing with a new generation.

Wooden puzzles take time and concentration to complete so that you are extending the concentration and dexterity skills of your young relative as you do them together. Doing the activity also helps them to develop their ability to share and work together, so you are helping with their social development as you play.

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