Wooden pull toys

Small children are learning about the world all the time, even when they seem to be just running around and not concentrating on anything in particular. Simply playing with their toys is a learning experience for small children and if they have wooden toys to learn with then they have a head start as wooden toys are attractive and provide stimulation for a small child’s imagination. As well as this, wooden toys are durable and child friendly; they last a long time and do not have sharp edges to scratch unwary small fingers.

Little children are on the go all the time as any parent knows and they are constantly finding new experiences and want to know all the time what they can do with their toys. Playing with wooden pull toys will help toddlers to exercise their muscles and to encourage them to practise their walking and running skills while they think they are just enjoying themselves. Here at My Natural Wooden Toys we have pull toys with bright colours and happy faces that will delight any toddler and their parents.

Using pull toys to play with your toddler also helps them to learn about being with other people and taking turns as you share the wooden toys. Spending time playing with your small child is a valuable experience for them as they learn through your time and attention that they are loved and valued and this is an important foundation to their self esteem.

Wooden toys that are attractive and liked by adults as well as children confirm the message that the child is an important part of the family. Wooden toys last for a long time so that a family will all come to love the wooden toys and want to keep them safe and remember the fun they had playing with them.

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