Beanbags popping up everywhere

The funky beanbag is fast becoming the hottest and most popular piece of furniture around. Versatile and very comfortable, the amorphous beanbag moulds itself into any corner of a room to provide seating for family and guests and provides easy lounging for play station playing kids and adults alike.

Not only is it becoming the modern furniture of choice in the home, but it also, through the media, seems to be popping up all over the place. Whether in shop window displays, children’s television shows, design makeovers or in the X Factor contestants’ living quarters, beanbags are certainly ‘in’ not ‘out’.

Part of the recent popularity of beanbags has certainly been due to a resurgence of interest in everything retro, particularly from the 1970s. The first beanbag chair was created by designers Gatti, Paolini and Teodora in 1969 for the Italian furniture company Zanotta. 1970s versions were produced in vinyl, plastic, leather, cloth and corduroy. However, poufs filled with beans had been in existence before then and could be picked up in exotic shipping stops in places like Tangiers and Madeira- often covered in dyed and decorated local hide.

Their enduring appeal certainly crosses any age barrier from toddlers through to retirement. The robust construction of modern bean bag chairs enables this fashionable piece of funky furniture to be enjoyed by young and old. The Cozibag beanbag chair is constructed particularly well, and we ensure it is extremely stable so suitable for young and old to sit on. The faux leather used now is much more durable than the 1970s vinyl equivalent and creates a tasteful and hygienic solution to family living. The genuine leather example provides that added bit of luxury that only leather can to an already comfortable and well supporting chair.

These modern beanbags are incredibly robust pieces of furniture which create a fashionable and funky statement for any room in the house.

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