Bring a special touch of Asia to your home

The Asian look has never been more popular in interior design than it is now. The look is an elegant and exotic one which will can be adapted to fit the taste of most people with a few adjustments. It is also a very simple look to create on a limited budget and it is a look which is definitely improved by the accessories used.

When it comes to furniture, anything black or made from wood is a good start. Metal framed furniture is also very popular in Asia, so using this will create a good effect. If you do not want to buy new furniture, you can always make use of throws and cushions to create an oriental look on a budget. The great thing about the oriental look is that you can mix and match a lot and the overall effect looks excellent.

Accessories are probably the most important factor in creating an authentically Asian room. Handmade accessories are very popular in Asia and using a few good handmade pieces will bring style and charm to your Asian themed room. Handmade bamboo sculptures are very popular, as are lacquer boxes and lacquer ware bowls which can be placed around the room at will. Oriental vases are also very popular and add a touch of glamour and colour to any room they are placed in.

Handmade In Vietnam is simply a great source of hand crafted oriental accessories which will give your room an authentic Asian look.

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