Defences are available in response to drink driving prosecutions

The legislation around drink driving in the UK clearly lays down the penalties that anyone who takes the risk can expect to receive if they are caught.

But did you know that it is not only for the prosecution to supply evidence that you failed the prescribed limits; the prosecution also needs to prove that your ability as a driver was also impaired as a result?

Courts have little choice other than to impose disqualification on anyone convicted of driving with excess alcohol, and anyone failing to secure expert legal representation when in court will, in all likelihood, find themselves suffering not only the disqualification, but a significant financial penalty and higher future car insurance premiums as an extremely unpleasant accompaniment. They could even face a custodial sentence for their troubles.

For those that rely on their driving for their livelihood, the consequences just keep on coming with the possible loss of their job, and for some the potential that they could even lose their home. Even relationships and families have been torn apart as a result of drink driving convictions.

It is extremely important therefore to ensure that you appoint expert legal advice and representation to check that the police did everything in accordance with the strict statutory procedures and prepare your drink driving defence in order to try to save your licence, your job and your family life.

There are a number of defences that may be available to you and special reasons which courts will consider, so disqualification is not always the only penalty that can be imposed.

It is for this reason that companies like us at Road Traffic Law Direct should be consulted. Companies such as us offer some initial guidance and advice without having been appointed as your official legal representative, so that you know what to expect from your drink driving charges.

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