Ronaldo turns his talents to female escorts

Female escorts have been in demand since the beginning of time.
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It is not just the everyday man and woman who strive for the services of professional escorts, but many celebrities have hit the headlines because of their penchant for stunning female escorts. One of the many celebrities who join the escorts ‘club’ is the world famous legend in football Cristiano Ronaldo, a man who simply craves for the attention of beautiful female escorts.

There have been many accounts of the famous Cristiano Ronaldo who had been seen out in public with private escorts and on one such occasion which hit the headlines was his liaison with two stunningly attractive female escorts during a famous Manchester United trip to Rome.

During football celebrations in Italy following the Red Devils being victorious, the Portuguese winger was said to have slipped away from his fellow players to hit the highlights of Rome with two beautiful private escorts.

It had only been a couple of months previous to this, where Ronaldo had held a private party at his home in England with his team mates Anderson and Nani which saw them party the night away with female escorts.

Ronaldo was also a regular at the Italian Divafutura Channel club which was home to many beautiful female escorts and celebrities and affluent people who spent large amounts of money on champagne and private lap dances.

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