Make an income with your student property

Student accommodation could be a lucrative investment if you are a property owner.

Should you own a property which is close to a university or other tertiary provider of education then it may make real financial sense for you to consider letting the property as a student home to make some extra cash.

From research carried out in the student accommodation market it has become extremely clear that there is a huge shortage of student homes available to rent across the United Kingdom. The lack of student homes in close proximity of their university means that students are forced to travel longer distances o a regular basis.

There is a chance if you own a property close to a university that you could be sat on a ‘gold mine’ because the potential income that can be earnt from owning what would make a perfect student home is hugely advantageous.

Investment properties are all about realising an income for the property investor and it is one of the most attractive propositions for a property owner who may be struggling with their personal financial situation and urgently needs to free up extra cash every month.

While the recession has generally had a negative effect on property prices, it is not always a viable option for people to sell a property below its original market value and thus to make the best of your investment it could be highly lucrative to turn it into student accommodation.

If you are in the fortunate circumstance to be able to provide student accommodation because of your property location then you have an investment that can really start earning you an additional income during the various semesters.

At House Hustler we provide a large range of student accommodation directly to students who need to find themselves a home. Our letting agents receive a photograph and advert which will be targeted exactly at your letting market.

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